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Immersive Innovation – The Human Experience and Video Games

Preface: Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.  I hope all of you will judge this post lightly considering it is my first blog post, I may not have my technique down yet. On that note, I welcome constructive criticism.


Two short white lines. One dotted white line separating them. A tiny traveling point to pull it all together. No man, woman, child, or corporate entity could imagine that this apparent fad would rapidly evolve into a massive global phenomenon worth over 60 billion US dollars just four decades later. With its multitude of sub-cultures, the international gaming industry now permeates almost every facet of civilized human life. Its economic and social impact is undeniable yet this entertainment juggernaut is still a fledgling organism within itself. As technology and consumer demand hastily advanced and grew, the VGI[i] had little time to establish its own identity or purpose. This unfortunate fact has left a vacuum of meaning at the epicenter of every game’s core design which begs the question: What are video games? Continue reading