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Oh My God, This Rain Is So Heavy…


I recently got around to playing Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s interactive noir thriller released back in February 2010. Normally I detest quicktime events, but somehow I stomached through roughly 10 hours of them and actually found myself enjoying the game. By the end, though, something didn’t sit right with me. It wasn’t the controls, it wasn’t the plot-holes, nor was it the Norman Jayden’s horrible accent. What really bothered me was the game’s use of what I call the Mysterious Protagonist. Continue reading


Looking Back, Moving Forward (or The Accelerated Back Hop)

SPOILER ALERT: Mild spoilers for Persona 4.

Can you remember your first experience with video games? Since you’re reading a blog about gaming, chances are you probably can. Even I, with my admittedly poor long-term memory, can remember the games I grew up on. I remember the Super Solver games, I remember Sim Ant, I remember Dino Park Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Oregon Trail II, Amazon Trail, Toggle Trouble Math, Lego Island, Mechwarrior 2, Descent 2, etc. These games helped me pass many an hour as a child, and they undoubtedly had an impact on my identity, both then and now. However, it wasn’t until I got my very first gaming console, a refurbished PSX already bundled with a DualShock controller, that gaming became a truly integral part of my life. Continue reading

Immersive Innovation – The Human Experience and Video Games

Preface: Hey everyone, welcome to my blog.  I hope all of you will judge this post lightly considering it is my first blog post, I may not have my technique down yet. On that note, I welcome constructive criticism.


Two short white lines. One dotted white line separating them. A tiny traveling point to pull it all together. No man, woman, child, or corporate entity could imagine that this apparent fad would rapidly evolve into a massive global phenomenon worth over 60 billion US dollars just four decades later. With its multitude of sub-cultures, the international gaming industry now permeates almost every facet of civilized human life. Its economic and social impact is undeniable yet this entertainment juggernaut is still a fledgling organism within itself. As technology and consumer demand hastily advanced and grew, the VGI[i] had little time to establish its own identity or purpose. This unfortunate fact has left a vacuum of meaning at the epicenter of every game’s core design which begs the question: What are video games? Continue reading